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Indian River Bay Associates, "IRBA" is a veteran owned, small business, providing numerous services including:

Power Industry Advisor - Subject Matter Expert advice / counsel to any and all parties seeking information on specific areas of the Power Industry.

Project Development - we can provide support to your team of professionals in power project development in order to bring the project to financial closing and release for notice to proceed.

Contracts - Supply Chain - we provide support to your Contracts and Supply Chain professional teams in order to ensure that you are getting the best procurement effort for your team.  We also can support your contract negotiations efforts.

Project Management - Project Management sometimes needs guideance in determining the best approach to defending a risk plan or development of a risk plan to minimize loss of profit for the project.

Construction Management - we provide support for your Power Industry construction site to assist in management of subcontractors you have employed to build your facility, coordinate their combined efforts, be sure the work contracted for is the work being performed.

Claims Management - we provide support in identifying potential claims in the making as well as defending claims positions.  Claims are certainly not what everyone desires but these days it appears to be a necessary part of the business.

Power Facility Due Diligence prior to purchase - we provide due diligence support in determining the status of the facility and it's major pieces of equipment and the potential remaining warranty or identification of other issues including insurance cover.

  Dave Pittinger, is the Owner of IRBA and he has in excess of 35 years experience in the Power Industry developing and constructing air pollution control equipment solutions, combined cycle and simple cycle combustion turbine facilities, coal fired and BIO fired boiler power facilities, renewable energy power facilities.  IRBA has the depth of business experience and understanding to provide advice and assistance in resolving business operations issues, contain and management of business risks and management of associated aspects of power projects from project development thru financial closing, notice to proceed, construction of facility, commissioning of installed equipment, equipment testing to confirm performance, facility start-up and finally Client acceptance.
  IRBA's extensive experience lends itself to understand the variety of positions taken by the players in the project execution team including the Owner, Contractor, Capital Equipment Mfg or OEM, other suppliers, subcontractor and even the Insurance Carrier for the project.  IRBA treats all projects with a 'hands on approach' to ensure all issues are investigated and treated with the time and effort necessary to ensure a satisfied Client. 

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